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A Year in Japan

A Year in Japan

Update: Jan 6, 2019.

Being stateside for a year and a half now and looking back on our time in Japan I actually do miss it. I would like to go back and see some of the sights that I missed out on. The culture in Japan is so much different than the culture stateside, they are nice, polite & on time 100% of the time. I do miss the food and found a place that is very close to the Japanese restaurants in Japan and I will be visiting it very often. All in all Japan was not as bad as I though it was and I do miss it. Until we meet again, Japan.

June 16, 2016 I landed in Tokyo, Japan to start a new life with my husband. This would be the first time we are living together in our entire relationship. At this point we had already been married for 8 months and had yet to live under the same roof, same town or same state! 

I was excited for this new adventure and most of all to start our life together as husband and wife in the same place! The first few months were hot, humid and rain every other day which was a huge adjustment for this Southern California girl. Within the first week I adopted Thor which was the best thing I did for myself. He has been my support while husband is away, he is my shoulder to cry on, my snuggle buddy and protector. 

I was able to experience many new things while in Japan like making new friends. I had the same friends for as long as I could remember since I had been in the same place for 26 years of my life. I made some amazing friends while being there. Driving on the opposite side of the road was a huge one, I didn't drive very often but when I did, WOW! Still to this day back in the states I sometimes forget which side the windshield wipers are on! 

We went to Hiroshima and saw the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park where the atomic bomb was dropped. Miyajima Island was a fun island to explore where the deer will come up to you and let you pet them as if they are your pet. We were so fortunate to live close to the Kintai Bridge and went there often, my favorite was during the Cherry Blossom season. Our last trip before leaving was to the Akiyoshido Caves such a beautiful spot and my favorite trip we did. 

Some of the food was weird, I am not going to lie, but some of it was amazing. I enjoyed ramen and gyoza the best and nothing stateside will ever compare. All in all Japan was okay, I know I tell people how much I didn't like it but what I got out of it the good and bad was worth it, mostly. 

Will I ever go  back? Not a chance. Do I feel like I missed out not exploring the bigger cities? Not really. I felt that I did what I was intended to do during my time there. 

Thanks Japan, it was alright expierencing you. 

Permanent Vacation

Permanent Vacation