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Labor & Delivery Story

Labor & Delivery Story

History Behind The Name

First off, before we get into the labor and delivery portion let me tell you a little history behind Teddy’s name. His name is Theodore Richard; Theodore meaning gift of God as well as Theodore Roosevelt and Richard being my grandpa’s name. We hope and pray that our little boy is a man of God and has a heart as big as his great grandpa does. We will raise him to love all living things alike, be an outdoorsman, to spread happiness to all those he can and to help all those in need. His name has great meaning and we know that he will do great things in his life.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Our story begins on August 6, 2018 at 9:00pm. That is the time that we arrived at Naval Medical Center San Diego (NMCSD) for our induction appointment. We along with our doctor decided that inducing Teddy would be the best thing for all involved for many reasons. One, we live over an hour away from the hospital. Two, less likelihood of stillbirth. Three, 39 weeks is a long time to be pregnant, okay this last one wasn’t a deciding factor but it is a long time to be pregnant.

We arrived at the hospital and filled out all of our forms that they require you to fill out. I don’t recall filling out any forms last time, but apparently husband said we (he) filled out all the forms. The nurse came to show us the room in which we would be staying and delivering in and it was a nice large room with a couch bed for husband. They also placed a laminated card on our door that had a rainbow since Teddy is our rainbow baby and underneath it said “In loving memory of my brother”, seriously the sweetest ever. Our nurse that was assigned to us that evening so happened to be the same nurse that was assigned to us the evening we delivered Morgan. Guess what, so was our doctor! The doctor part played along with being induced, they wanted to be there for this birth since they had been with us from the end of our last pregnancy and all throughout this one. When my doctor checked to see how far along I was she was pleasantly surprised that I was already 4cm along! WHAT? How did that happen? Teddy was ready I guess! I was given some medicine to start thinning out my cervix and then they would be back to check on me in 4 hours.

Tuesday August 7, 2018

Around midnight my contractions started to get worse and I asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist came by and decided to take forever to place my epidural. I have no idea what she was doing back there but she took a lot longer than the student who was learning placed it last time. During the time where she was taking her sweet time lallygagging around placing my epidural my water broke and I immediately went from 4cm to 7cm in just a few minutes. The epidural still was not in. Finally she got it in and it takes about 15 minutes for it to start working.

In those 15 minutes a lot of things happened. First off I did a lot of screaming and yelling because who wants to be 7cm along and feeling those contractions. Not me, that’s why I got the epidural, hello! Some of the things said where: I hate you! We are never having kids again! Just cut the baby out! Allegedly I grabbed husbands collar of his shirt and said those things to him, I don’t recall any of this so who knows if it is true or not. Also, again allegedly I went to bite his hand from the pain and had I done that I would have severed his tendons and ligaments, he stopped me in time. Clearly, I didn’t want to be the only one in pain that day. After what seemed like hours I was finally able to breathe normal-ish, even though the pain was still there it was no where near as bad. Pretty sure the anesthesiologist thought she placed it wrong.

Ahh, at last, sleep. I slept on and off for about an hour or so when the doctor came in because Teddy’s heart rate had dropped a little and they came to see how far along I was and check on Teddy. I was 10cm and ready to push and Teddy was ready to come out! This was around 2:45am, August 7, 2018.

Now came the pushing part I was pushing for not very long you know the normal push for 10 seconds then rest deal. After about 15 minutes of that my doctor noticed something on the monitor wrong with Teddy. She immediately pushed the other doctor out of the way and ripped me open and pulled him out Tuesday August 7, 2018 at 3:04am. Husband said that the cord was around Teddy’s neck, also Teddy was not making a lot of noise once he was out of me. They quickly had husband cut the cord and rushed some doctors in to check him out to ensure that he was okay because like I said he was not making much noise. Finally, they got him to cry and all was good with him. Now came the part where they had to literally reconstruct me from the inside out since I was ripped open to save my baby’s life. Which I am okay with because had they not done that we might have a different story on our hands so I am thankful for the quick actions and thinking to save my little Teddy Bear.

We got moved over to the recovery area after a few hours and when I could walk from the epidural. The nurses kept asking me if I needed pain killers and I kept telling them no. I couldn’t figure out why they kept asking until we had been home for a few weeks and husband and I started piecing all of this together. While in the recovery area I stopped producing colostrum and no milk or anything was coming in to feed this little nugget due to the traumatic delivery. The doctors suggested that we supplement and have him eat from a tiny tube while still trying to get milk from me so that my body would register that it needed to produce milk.

Thursday August 9, 2018

Thursday rolled around and we were finally discharged from the hospital! They provided us with formula for Teddy, pain pills for me, which I still couldn’t figure out why they kept asking me if I needed them and so many packets on how to care for a newborn. Does anyone read those packets or does everyone just wing it?

So all in all we had a successful labor and delivery for the most part. Yes, it was traumatic on my body and on Teddy’s but we both left the hospital as healthy individuals ready to figure out parenthood together.

A special thanks to the doctors and nurses at NMCSD who helped us through both labors and deliveries both traumatic but with opposite endings. We might not have brought Teddy home had it not been for our amazing doctor and her quick actions, I am thankful every single day that she did that to save our Teddy Bear.

Theodore “Teddy” Richard Born 3:04am 6lbs 14oz 20.5inches long.