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The Story of Morgan Tayler

The Story of Morgan Tayler

lease read whole post before asking any questions. Thank you.

The story of Morgan Tayler

In January 2017 while my husband was in Okinawa Japan for work I found out that we were pregnant!! I worked all weekend on a cute sign saying “we’re expecting” to surprise husband with. We went to the doctor and were told that we are due on September 16, 2017! At that time we told our immediate family. 

We took cute pregnancy reveal pictures with the cherry blossoms on mainland Japan. Once we hit 12 weeks we were so happy that we could tell the whole world that we were expecting a little baby! 

When we were 18 weeks pregnant we found out that I have a bicornuate uterus meaning my uterus is heart shaped. The baby would only have half of my uterus to grow in and my uterus is unable to grow as much with the baby. We started preparing mentally for preterm labor which comes with bicornuate uterus but yet we were still so excited to meet our little nugget. 

At 20 weeks we went out in town to the Japanese doctor to do our anatomy scan and find out the gender of this little nug. May 1st is the day our world came crashing down. The Japanese doctor informed us that the baby has fluid throughout his / her entire body also called hydrops fetalis. The Japanese doctor said that in Japan they don’t continue with the pregnancy and that the baby will die either before its born or shortly after. He would not tell us the sex of the baby at this time or at the next ultrasound we had a week later. 

Immediately we called back to medical on base to figure out what to do. We didn’t want to terminate the pregnancy we want our baby. So from there we have done numerous testing and retesting to see if the baby has Trisomy 18, Down syndrome, and other chromosomal issues, fetal echocardiogram and more. The chromosomal test all came back negative. 

The Japanese doctor was unable to perform the fetal echocardiogram correctly when we went back out into town for a 2nd ultrasound. While at the 2nd ultrasound it was discovered that more fluid has formed around Morgan’s lungs, abdomen and brain. At this point we found out we are having a little boy from some blood work that came back.

It was decided after doing testing in Japan that the best place for us to get treated and continue testing will be at a huge Army hospital in Hawaii which services the Pacific Theater. 

So here we are at 25 weeks preparing to make a journey across the Pacific to Hawaii in hopes they will be able to give our family more answers. We do not know where we will be going from Hawaii if it’s back to Japan, stay in Hawaii or go to San Diego or Virginia. Just knowing that the Lord has lead us to the doctors in Hawaii is a hopeful sign that we will be in good hands and taken care of.

We are doing more research and joining online support groups for parents who also have hydrops babies. It has been discovered that many babies who have hydrops do survive and many more unfortunately are called back to Heaven. We have a long road ahead of us with many doctors appointments, hospital stays and Morgan will be in the NICU for an indefinite amount of time when he’s born depending on how he adjusts to the world versus the womb. 

We do not have many answers so please see some Qs & As listed below to help you understand what we are going through. Please understand if we do not answer your questions right away as we do not have much information ourselves. 


  1. Are you / husband okay? Yes we are doing alright just taking life day by day
  2. Why did you decide to continue with the pregnancy knowing the baby most likely won’t survive? Every baby deserves a chance at life and God has blessed us with baby Morgan even if it’s only for pregnancy or for a short time here on Earth we want to spend as much time with Morgan as possible 
  3. What causes hydrops fetalis? I am not sure, some babies just get it for unknown reasons
  4. Is there treatment? As far as I know there is no treatment for hydrops but some babies will essentially grow out of it either in the womb or when they come out with the help of doctors 
  5. Where will you go after Hawaii? Hopefully we will be able to go to CA since the doctors on base in Japan cannot support Morgan’s medical needs. 
  6. Will this have life long effects on Morgan? The most common effects are heart and lung defects and developmental issues but some babies grow out of it and are perfectly healthy 
  7. What can you do to help? Just pray and send baby Morgan positive vibes

We are not posting this to get sympathy from anyone we are just sharing our pregnancy story. We love baby Morgan more than anything no matter what happens. If you have further questions please note that we probably don’t have an answer but I will post a new blog once we have more information.

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