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Thor & Prim

Thor & Prim

Let me tell you about my two puppies and how they came to be. 

First, let's start with Thor. Thor is a 100lb German Shepherd born in Kentucky on October 11, 2012. I rescued Thor during our time in Japan from a marine who no longer wanted him in her home. I took Thor in when he was 4 years old and had zero training on him with the exception of "sit" and "shake".

I worked with Thor on leash walking, stay, come, down, roll over and more in the first year that I had him. He was doing great except for a few things here and there that I was unsure of how to correct. When we abruptly moved back stateside Thor stayed in Japan for a little over a month before he made his way to California. Once in California he went to a board and train facility where they helped him overcome the issues he was facing. 

Thor is an amazing member of our family and I love him to pieces. He is more of my husband's dog but I train and work with him on a daily basis and cannot wait to see what else he can learn. I am so glad that we opened our heart and home to Mr. Thor.

Little Miss Primrose.

Prim is about 8 weeks old currently (August 29, 2017) and is still with her mama in South Dakota. Prim is a black Goldendoodle and will weigh roughly 45lbs once she is full grown. Her mama is a black Standard Poodle and her daddy is a Cream Retriever. 

I was able to FaceTime with the breeder and got to meet Prim, the mama and daddy before I was able to be 100% sold on her. Although, I immediately fell in love with her pictures I am so glad that I had the opportunity to FaceTime to meet her. The breeder will be driving her and another puppy to Las Vegas in a few weeks where I will pick her up. 

I can't wait to meet my new little girl face to face. 

Reality of Grief

Reality of Grief