About Me


Hello, I am Heather Rae or H for short.


I am a 28 year old military wife and Mama to an angel baby, a baby boy and two pups. I am passionate about my family, God and this amazing country we live in. 

I was born June 13th in Mission Hills, CA and grew up in Santa Clarita, CA, you know where Magic Mountain is? Yeah, that's the city I grew up in. My dad left when I was 2 and I was raised by my wonderful mom, grandparents and the whole town. 

I, along with my biological sister, 3 other sisters and 1 brother had 13 acres to play and grow up on. We had horses and dogs, saw our share of rattlesnakes, bob cats, mountain lions and coyotes. I had an amazing childhood growing up around family, love, God, community and animals. 

I met my husband in the spring of 2015 and we were engaged by August 2015 and married on October 24, 2015. When you know, you know and God led me to the wonderful man I now share my life with. 

In January of 2017 we found out we were expecting a baby and in May of 2017 we found out our baby was very sick. He ultimately succumbed to his illness and I gave birth at 31 weeks 4 days to my sleeping angel son, Morgan Tayler.

In December of 2017 we found out that we were pregnant once again. August 7, 2018 we welcomed a healthy baby boy named Theodore “Teddy” Richard.

I am very involved in everything I do whether that be training my dogs, my community, businesses and now my blog. I hope that what this blog brings is for me to be able to tell my story. I also hope that what you get from my blog is that it is okay to be yourself no matter what people say.

Be kind to one another and take life with a grain of salt.